Xcode Issues: How To Work-Around An Ineligible iOS Device

There may come a day, a sad day, when you install the latest version of Xcode, plug-in you iOS device, wait for it to appear in the list of scheme supported devices, and…nothing. Then you click on the scheme pull-down menu and see the following,

Xcode Ineligible Device Post 03 15 2015 Img 1

How did your iOS device become ineligible for development? Well, I don’t know and nobody else seems to have an answer. But there is a work-aroundThis problem struck me when I installed Xcode 6.3b2 (12F5037c), which was released on Feb. 24, 2015. Suddenly, my iPhone 6, which was running iOS 8.3b2, wasn’t “eligible” for development. Interestingly, in Xcode 6.1.1, the GM at the time, and Xcode 6.3b1, my iPhone 6 worked just fine.

I spent a full-day going through the usual steps to try to fix this problem myself. I restarted Xcode; I restarted my MacBook Air; I removed all copies of Xcode; I removed the directory /Library/Developer; I reset my iPhone 6 and then restored. Nothing worked.

So, I created a post on Apple’s Developer Forums, “Xcode 6.3b2 Indicates iPhone 6 Running 8.3b2 Ineligible Device“. It turned-out that I wasn’t the only person who had run into this problem.

Then, Shawn Hansen posted a solution on Feb. 26th. Since some reading this might not have access to Apple’s Developer Forums, I’m going share Shawn’s solution, work-around really, here.

Xcode Ineligible Device Post 03 15 2015 Img 2

In Xcode, go to “Product” -> “Destination” and just select your ineligible device. Now, every time you reconnect your problem-device, you’re going to have to repeat this. But it works and it’s the only solution to this problem I have found.

Xcode Ineligible Device Post 03 15 2015 Img 3

Thank you, Shawn Hansen!

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