VC Funding–SiValley vs. Texas

After reading an article in the New York Times about how music acts as a possible attractant to start-up’s, I wanted to get some numbers to see if that were true. From a historical basis, it’s important to remember that in 1999 Texas was doing nearly 10% of the venture funding of Silicon Valley, of as I call it, SiValley (cute, huh?).

2012 VC Funding

Year SiValley Texas Austin
2012 $10,968 $934 $621
% of SiValley 100% 6.2% 5.7%
2012 VC Funding Stage SiValley Texas % of SiValley
Seed $316 $2 0.6%
Early-Stage $3,279 $180 5.5%
Expansion $4,570 $344 7.5%
Later Stage $2,802 $408 14.6%

Source: PricewaterhouseCooper MoneyTree Survey

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